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5 Natural Remedies For Dog Seizures

5 Natural Remedies For Dog Seizures

Epilepsy or tatus epilepticus, a neurological disorder, is one common cause of recurring, uncontrolled and sudden seizures in dogs. Dog seizures are physical attacks that can be accompanied with or without the loss of consciousness. But, there are very few things that are as alarming as finding a pup having seizures. Many individuals seem to feel completely out of control and helpless in such situations. However, some natural remedies can help a dog in recovering quickly as well as safely. The remedies are as follows:

5 Natural Remedies For Dog Seizures
5 Natural Remedies For Dog Seizures


The process involves inserting stainless steel, thin and sterile needles into specific points within the body. There are 14 channels within which these acupuncture points are located. These channels make way for a network that transfers energy and also blood through the whole body. Acupuncture helps in producing a kind of physiological response that offers pain relief and even stimulates the nervous and immune systems. The procedure also helps in increasing microcirculation and decreasing inflammation. Not only seizures, but there are other neurological problems and epilepsy in dogs that can also be treated by this procedure.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Veterinarians and pet owners with canines suffering from seizures generally recommend introducing essential omega-3 fatty acids in the regular diet of the canine. You can get them as sprays, oils, and pills. Recommended doses of these fatty acids might vary one dog to another depending on its size. One tablespoon is the standard though.  Essential omega-3 fatty acids might not relieve or stop seizures in dogs, but yes, they can improve the dog’s condition or the frequency to seize.

Homeopathic Solutions

Belladonna and Aconite are the two useful homeopathic solutions for treating seizures in dogs. These remedies work within ten to fifteen minutes. That means they are highly effective. Another homeopathic remedy, Cholidin, can also be used for treating seizures in canines. There is no problem in offering these homeopathic remedies along with traditional medicines. Nevertheless, doses of one to two pills regularly for small dogs, and two to four tablets for large dogs need to be maintained.

5 Natural Remedies For Dog Seizures
5 Natural Remedies For Dog Seizures


As a pet owner, you have to ensure that your canine friend gets minimum one hours of routine exercise. It will help in the muscle development and digestion of the dog while improving its overall health at the same time. Remember, if your dog has a well-conditioned body, it will perform better. Exercising also helps in burning fat and increasing the metabolism of the pet. Nevertheless, it is vital to consider the age and health condition of the pet before getting it into exercising.

Coconut Oil

Reports suggest that seizures can effectively be treated by adding virgin, organic, unrefined, and raw coconut oil to their regular diet. Even honey can be of good help in treating seizures. But take care if your dog suffers from diabetes.

So, now you have a clear understanding of how to use different natural remedies for treating dog seizures.

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