Best Puppy Training Apps to Guide you -

Best Puppy Training Apps to Guide you

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Dog training can be the best of times and the worst of times. But if the price of hiring a personal dog trainer makes you want to lay down and roll over, don’t despair! A good dog training app or two can help pet parents looking to teach good behaviors and even fun tricks.


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Get one-on-one instruction when it best suits your schedule. Access a vetted and certified dog trainer on this app via video, plus contact your trainer outside of scheduled sessions with any questions that come up.

Pupford Dog Training App

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Pupford’s training app lets you access a 30-day course for free, led by famed dog expert Zak George. In addition to the training course, access videos that address specific behaviors through positive reinforcement techniques, plus daily tips, Q&A sessions, and more.

Pupford provides you with a 30-day training program taught by Zak George, a famous dog trainer. Each training session comes with a helpful video, as well as written step-by-step instructions. Some lessons include crate training, leash walking, teaching your dog to lay down, and more.

During the 30 days of training, you’ll sometimes have to complete the same lessons multiple days in a row—this helps reinforce your dog’s understanding. When you’re finished with the 30 days, you can always try out Pupford’s behavior-specific training sessions. These lessons help curb your dog’s bad habits, like biting and jumping.


Dogo tailors your training program via a quick test when signing up, so you can address your furry friend’s specific needs. Other app features include a built-in clicker for training, feedback from dog trainers within 12 hours, and a community of other pet parents to share and commiserate with.

The app offers five dog training programs: New Dog, Basic Obedience, Stay Active, Strengthen Your Friendship, and Little Helper. If you’re just looking for the basics of training, you’ll want to complete the New Dog and Basic Obedience courses. These programs help your dog learn essential commands, tricks, potty training, and how to walk on a leash; the other courses are best for more advanced training.

iTrainer Dog Whistle and Clicker App

This dog training app bundles a dog whistle, clicker, and other sounds (such as other animals) to help work with your dog. The high-frequency sound of a dog whistle may get your pet’s better than the human voice; clickers are used as a cue to reinforce good behavior or to call dogs away from distractions.

Puppr Dog Training App

A very popular training app with dog parents, Puppr is led by famed dog trainer Sara Carson of Sara Carson and The Super Collies. Expect step-by-step photo instructions, a built-in clicker, and lessons covering over 50 tricks from simple commands to advanced maneuvers. Get the premium subscription to get answers to training questions via live chat.

After you finish teaching your dog how to sit, lay down, and stay, you can move on to the advanced techniques. Not only does the app help you teach your dog how to put away its toys, but it even provides a jump roping lesson. Puppr is a fantastic app for any dog owner who wants to teach their dog the basics as well as some really cool tricks.

You’ll notice that each lesson comes with short videos featuring professional trainer Sara Carson. This makes it even easier to visualize every step. Although Puppr offers basic lessons for free, you’ll have to purchase additional lesson packs to get the most out of your training sessions.

These are the five best dog training apps we recommend.

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