Cesar Milan’s Best Dog Training Book Review

cesar millan puppy training

This is an article about Cesar Milan and his methods for puppy training. The common characteristics of his training methods can be found in many books on the subject but to call his techniques “tricks” would be an understatement. His main tools are positive reinforcement and praise. His methods are highly praised by the professionals who use them and by the owners who use them. The book, How To Train Your Puppy, is probably the best text on the subject.

An Overview

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Let’s start with one of the basic concepts used by Cesar Milan puppy training. It’s called the “typing rules”. In the book, he discusses using the words “sit” and “stay” to train your dog. When you say the word “sit” to your dog, immediately give him a treat (or verbally reward him) when he complies. Say the word “stay” when your dog is about to jump on somebody, then say “stay” or “come” (in the opposite direction) if he doesn’t follow your command.

The idea here is that the dog trainer should be able to get your dog to learn these verbal commands before ever using the physical leash. The second concept is basically the same – using positive reinforcements while correcting the behavior that he is doing wrong. That means you have two concepts to master in Cesar millan puppy training – getting your dog to do things right, then correcting him when he does something wrong. I won’t go into details here, just note that both of these concepts will help you with obedience training as you go.

Dog Training Book Review

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It goes without saying that you cannot use Cesar millan puppy training to teach basic obedience to your puppy unless you have done so already. His tricks are simply for showing off to friends, not for teaching your dog basic obedience. However, it is interesting to note that he does talk about conditioning, which is necessary if you want to teach basic obedience to your dogs. He also talks about rewards and even seems to touch on the topic of housebreaking in his DVD’s.

One thing that seems to be missing from many of the reviews of his DVD’s is any discussion of what you need to do to train your dog to obey and perform other tricks. While these videos are very entertaining and some of them are really spectacular, there is no substitute for proper, well-trained dogs who know what they’re supposed to do at all times. This is something that the book doesn’t touch upon. It’s a shame that this important subject is not brought up in such detail.

That being said, the training techniques and commands that the book discusses are very effective in obedience training your dogs, especially young puppies. In fact, I would go as far as to say that they are effective in all breeds of dogs. The one thing that separates them from other guides is that Cesar uses the “alpha roll” with his young puppies, which is a very effective technique for teaching dogs to listen to their owners. He does not use it with older dogs, which I think is a shame since it is so effective.

One area that the book did not address was any type of collar or leash training. While Cesar does mention some good ideas such as getting the puppies used to walking on a leash and getting them used to wearing collars, he does not go into detail as to why you would want to do these things. It seems like a minor detail, but I think it is an important one. After all, you want your dog to be obedient, but you also don’t want them to be hyperactive or out of control.

In The End

Overall, this is a pretty good book on dog training. It touches on the basics of what you need to do to train your puppy, and then touches on the best ways to do it. Cesar also does an excellent job of breaking down the commands and techniques into short phrases that you can repeat back to get the best results each time. I liked that he included some bonus tips for further dog training, such as using the verbal cue of “off” to get your puppy to stop chewing on something. It was a nice little extra tip that came in handy for me a couple of times.

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