Deadly Puppy Diseases -

Deadly Puppy Diseases

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Dogs and puppies are attacked by different kinds of diseases. As a dog parent, you should be aware of the symptoms of these diseases so that you can protect your pet at an early stage and nip the disease in its initial stage. Here is a list of some deadly puppy diseases.

Canine Distemper

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The symptoms of this disease is runny eyes, coughing, fever, vomiting and paralysis. This disease is also known as hardpad disease. It hardens your dog’s noses and footpads. It is a contagious and viral disease that is airborne. It may also spread from shared food bowls. All dogs are always at a risk of catching Canine Distemper, but it mostly affects those pets and dogs that have a weaker immunity. 

Canine Parvovirus

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The symptoms of this disease are fever, vomiting, lethargy, dehydration, weight loss and diarrhea. It is also known an Parvo. It is a contagious disease that infects dogs that come in contact with fecal matter of another sick dog. It is easy to spread, but hard to remove in the later stages. It quickly spreads to the internal organs of the dogs.


The symptoms of this disease are lethargy, coughing, heart disease, respiratory problems and weight loss. Heartworms are actually parasites that reside inside a dog’s heart. They play havoc on his heart and lungs when the dog gets infected. This disease is spread by mosquitoes.


The symptoms of this disease include fever, pain, burning and tingling sensations. This disease killed the famous dog Old Yeller. It is caused by rabies virus that is spread by the saliva or bite from an infected animal. It gets fatal when the animal starts showing symptoms. It is a very severe disease and is easily spread to humans also. But you get a vaccine against rabies and it is best to get your dog vaccinated.

Lyme Disease

The symptoms of this disease are pain, loss of appetite, limping and fever. This disease is caused by a particular bacterium that originates from tick bites. Once it reaches the blood stream, it spreads to the joints and causes pain. If left untreated, it can be fatal. 

Kennel Cough

The symptoms of this disease are heavy coughing, lethargy and gagging. It is a very contagious disease that causes irritation and inflammation. It is a disease that spreads rapidly through animals living in close proximity such as in dog shelters, boarding kennels and doggy day care centers. This disease mostly affects older dogs with low immunity.


The symptoms of this disease are fever, lethargy, dehydration, jaundice, vomiting and muscle tenderness. It is caused by contact with a sick dog. This bacteria can be found in the soil and natural water sources like rivers and streams. Dogs who come in contact with the bacteria in infected urine or contaminated food also may get this disease. 

These are some of the most deadly puppy diseases.

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