Everything You Need To Know About Vaccines For Dogs

vaccines for dogs

Like humans need to get vaccinated at their initial stage of life to avoid severe and fatal disease further. Similarly, there are also several vaccines for dogs that keep them protected from any kind of dangerous disease. If you schedule vaccines for your puppies and dogs timely then there are so many benefits that they can enjoy. Mentioned below are all the necessary things that you must know about dog vaccinations.

Importance Of Vaccines For Dogs And Puppies

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Proper vaccinations can help your dog to have a better immune system and fight against severe diseases. Antigens that are contained by the vaccines are supposed to mimic the organisms which cause diseases. When the immune system of your dog and puppy is ready to fight against the disease-causing organisms then it will defend your puppy in a better way. Also, these vaccines for dogs boost the strength of puppies and dog’s health.

Know About Core And Non-Core Vaccinations

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Depending upon several factors, core and non-core vaccines are given to the dogs and puppies. In general, core vaccines are a must for all dogs and puppies whereas non-core vaccinations depend upon a specific factor and needs. Not all dogs need to be vaccinated with all the vaccines. This is the reason why they are divided into two types. Core vaccines include vaccines against hepatitis, rabies, parvovirus, etc. However, non-core vaccines include Lyme vaccine, dog flu, bordetella, etc. These are not compulsory vaccines for dogs but these vaccines can keep them away from many infectious diseases.

Best Time To Start Vaccinating Your Puppy

Although your puppies can get vaccinated as soon you get them, you must start their vaccination from the age of four to six weeks. Further, the second dose of these vaccines starts three to four weeks later. When your puppy is at the age of 6 or 12 months, he will need to get a booster vaccination too. However, as your puppy starts to be a dog, you will need to keep in contact with the vet and get them vaccinated timely.

Side Effects Of Vaccines For Dogs

There are no risks witnessed in dog vaccinations. They are completely safe for them and lead to no adverse reactions. Oftentimes, dogs and puppies can experience different reactions to getting vaccinated. These side effects may include fever, vomiting, low appetite, diarrhea, sluggishness, pain in the injected area, etc. Just like humans, such mild and low side effects can be ignored in dogs and puppies too. In case you find these getting severe, you must immediately consult your veterinarian.


In case you are adopting a puppy or dog from any animal or dog home, then he will be having all the initial vaccinations. On the other hand, your pups and dogs need to get vaccinated at the proper time to avoid any severe disease. You must consult your vet and make proper vaccinating schedules for your dogs and puppies.

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