Four Common Puppy Mills Diseases That Need Serious Medical Attention -

Four Common Puppy Mills Diseases That Need Serious Medical Attention

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Nobody can deny it, but puppies are among the most adorable creatures on this planet. There is no need to list the reasons why everyone gushes over them because we all know it. However, not every dog in this world is safe. Especially the ones that live in the puppy mills are more prone to puppy mills diseases. Moreover, these dogs are found to have extremely rare genetic disorders and as a result, many puppies are born with birth defects. Since we are not completely aware of all these diseases, let’s a quick look at the four common ones.


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This is an extremely fatal condition in dogs that is caused by the worms that are found in the arteries of the lungs. In most and worst-case scenarios, the worms are usually seen on the right side of the heart. These worms cause death by feeding on the dogs as they grow and also clog the veins and arteries. Moreover, this potentially fatal condition can also spread to human if they are not careful.


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Giardia is among those puppy mills diseases that cause intestinal infections in dogs due to a parasite. It causes acute and sudden-onset damage to the dog’s immune system. The common symptoms of this disease seen in dogs are diarrhoea and greenish stool with occasional blood. Although vomiting is rare, there are great chances for it to occur. Additionally, extreme weight loss is another common symptom. However, for dogs with a compromised and immature immune system, Giardia can be very deadly.


This life-threatening disease called Parvovirus is very contagious because it attacks the intestinal tract of dogs. For young dogs, the disease can cause severe damage to the hearts thereby causing lifelong cardiac problems. In case the dog is sick, then the virus can attack the white blood cells. Among all puppy mills diseases, Parvovirus is contagious and if anyone comes in contact with the infected dog’s faeces, the disease might spread to his/her body. The virus sustains for several months even outside the dog.

Kennel Cough

The Kennel cough is very similar to the common cold in humans. This disease is a combination of viral and bacterial infections that cause inflammation to the dog’s voice box and the windpipe. However, the disease goes away on its own but it can easily spread to other dogs. Other than a dry ‘honking’ cough sound, the dog remains mostly healthy. At times, the dog might cough out white and foamy phlegm. In a few cases, the dog might have a mild fever.

Medical Attention Is Must

All these puppy mills diseases need serious medical attention whether they are severe or not. If proper medical care is given at the right time, then the dog can lead a healthy life. Just like humans, dogs need timely medical attention.

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