German Shepherd Puppy Guide To Train Your Four-Legged Buddy - German Shepherd Puppy Guide To Train Your Four-Legged Buddy -

German Shepherd Puppy Guide To Train Your Four-Legged Buddy

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A German Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds of dogs that is loved by everyone. A German shepherd not only looks admirable and cute when a puppy, it can smell danger and strangers from a distance. Similar to many other breeds of dogs, these dogs too need to be trained well else your adorable friend can turn into a nightmare. So if you don’t want that to happen, read the tips below where we have mentioned how to train your dog really well.

German Shepherd Puppy Guide: Potty Training

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Training your puppy to go to the potty correctly is something that will pay you in the long run. Start early when your pup is about seven weeks old and do it consistently. Potty training is very tricky and if you don’t make the goals clear it will take you longer than usual and also leave you frustrated during the process. You can start by noticing the time difference in which your puppy poops. Calculate the time after feeding and taking it out for exercises. Once you know the routine it will be easier for the both of you to engage in the training process.

German Shepherd Puppy Guide: Be The Alpha Dog

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In order to get your German Shepherd to listen to you and love him for the owner that you are, you must strive to portray yourself as someone who can control the dog and not vice versa. Stray away from being extra hard and strict to your dog, it will scare him away. Teach him the easiest command like sitting and standing and as it grows older move to the trickier ones.

It is important that you reward your dog when it listens to you and behaves well. By consistently reinstating the rewards you will have taught your dog what is acceptable and will be appreciated and what will not. No one likes a loud barking dog in the neighbourhood in the middle of the night so save yourself and your dog from the scorns of the neighbours.

German Shepherd Puppy Guide: Socialize And Take Care

Just like humans, dogs are social animals too. They are emotional and show their happiness and sadness at the blink of an eye. Don’t let your puppy feel emotionally neglected and isolated. It will make it all the more aggressive and hard to control. Let your dog meet other dogs and humans. Spend a lot of time with it playing and pay attention. Dogs like to be pampered and seek attention. Take him to the vet occasionally and make it exercise.


In summation to the above mentioned article, it is crucial to ensure that you first try to become your dog’s friend and treat it with respect. Dogs can sense emotions very quickly and if you don’t have love for him, it will soon become your nightmare.

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