German Shepherd Puppy Training Tips - German Shepherd Puppy Training Tips -

German Shepherd Puppy Training Tips

german shepherd puppy training

Are you a lover of dogs and specifically the german shepherd breed? If you want to get one of them at home, it is important to know how to discipline them. Obedience training is of utmost importance and there are numerous German shepherd training tips that you can follow. Thereby you will be able to raise a sweet dog in behavior as well as confidence and kind. The german shepherd puppies are amazing to look at, and they are not hard to train at all. There are numerous positive methods by experts that will help you raise your canine friend in the best possible manner. So what are you waiting for?

Socialize With Your Puppy

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The proper way to train your puppy is to make them socialize so that they can grow up to be a smart doggo. The overall look of them is incredibly cute and you should also make them socialize with the vet. It will be an easier for you to get the vaccines completed and you should start with the socialization in 4-6 months. Go for a friendly trainer with whom your puppy is comfortable, and they should be able to get the first set of shots without any discomfort.

Using The Mouth-German Shepherd Puppy Training

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It is very important for the german shepherd to learn using their mouth- you will see that the puppy is chewing on the shoes, carpets and even your hands. That is because their teeth are tickling. There are numerous chewing toys that you can buy for your pet, which will give them optimum comfort and they will grow out of their discomfort as well. They should be able to learn how much pressure to give with their teeth – as their teeth are very sharp. So start teaching the little pooch how much they should bite and where.

Potty Training Is Important

When you are potty training the pup, make sure that you use the method of positive reinforcement. There are numerous potty training tips like giving him/her rewards when they are doing it right. Take the puppy out for several times a day and try to understand their potty timings as well. Instead of reprimanding the pup, try giving them rewards so that they can know the right thing to do. They will even pull you towards the bathroom so that you can take him or her.

Use Food Treats

It is good to use foo treats for your German shepherd and never go against the practice. Many people will stop you from doing so, but you need to keep track of the positive reinforcement practice. Just because you are using food treats does not mean that your puppy will follow your instructions out of greed. They will listen to you even when you are empty handed- you just have to enforce the habit.


It will be easy to train your german shepherd puppy if you know how to do it right and follow the instructions mentioned above. So what are you waiting for when you can get your hands on the pup right away?

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