Guide Dog Puppy - How To Handle Guide Dogs -

Guide Dog Puppy – How To Handle Guide Dogs

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Nowadays, most people love keeping dogs as their pet, right? A dog is a lovely animal that proves to be a good and loyal friend to humans. They not only love us unconditionally but also help to gain a sense of responsibility. They help humans to get rid of their loneliness and improve their mental health. Pets are proven to be lifesavers, as they help with depression and grief. They give a sense of purpose to our lives as they have a calming effect on humans. They provide physical as well as emotional support. Dogs are also used as trainers in the army and in the police. With love, it is also important to train dogs with proper discipline. 

Guide Dog Puppy – Train Dogs

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It is important to train the dog’s basic important things to maintain discipline. Training should be started when they are 5-6 weeks old. They start learning from their birth and adapt those things rapidly which are taught to them at a small age. Do not expect small puppies more, you may make them sit, stand and stay according to your command. At small age dogs solidify human’s behavior, they will react the same way as people react around them. At the initial stage do gentle teaching and do not force the dog unnecessarily to do the things. Puppies can pay attention in a small period so just remember to keep the training session brief.

Guide Dog Puppy – Tips to Train

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Teaching dogs basic commands can help handle their tactful behavior which may create problems. Below are some essential commands which your dog needs to learn.

Teaching a dog to sit, stand and come are the basic commands which should be taught at the initial stage.

‘Leave’, your dog should know the meaning of this command. This keeps him safe when his/her curiosity gets more when he smells something captivating and dangerous.

Jumping on visitors is a common problem for dogs. Teach them to “off” from the person.

Teach your dogs to excrete on a particular place at your home or outside and not anywhere where he likes.

Guide Dog Puppy – Importance of Training

Discipline and obedience exercise of dogs is crucial for them as well as the owners. Most breeds need physical and mental exercise to behave well. Training builds a positive relationship between humans and dogs.

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Training would not only teach them obedience and discipline in life but also provide them with a healthy lifestyle. It also keeps him happy and enhances loyalty and companionship.

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