How to Choose the Right Puppy Feeding Guides -

How to Choose the Right Puppy Feeding Guides

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However, these are not as pure and nutritious as homemade ones. Instead of relying on just one type of source, it is better to have a combination of both.

I have worked with so many dog owners that have moved away from dry food for their dogs. I have seen that most owners only feed their dogs with dry food for about three meals a day. The first meal is usually made up of just chicken drippings or broth. And then after this, they move on to feed their dogs with kibble.

The Kibble Meal

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There was one puppy owner who was feeding her puppies with the kibble meal during the first couple of days and then switching to the dry food after a couple of weeks. But her dogs were not gaining any weight at all. So eventually she moved back to feeding her puppies with dry food for all three meals a day. Now you might think that this is a pretty drastic measure. It is not! Actually, this method is more natural than feeding one type of food exclusively.

I have also worked with dogs vary in the amount of time it takes to house train them. Some dogs like to be let out early so that they can relieve themselves. Others do not like to be let out early because they are urinating and defecating every five minutes. If you use the same methods of feeding (dry food for three meals a day and then changing to wet food after three meals a day), then most dogs will adapt rather quickly to this schedule.

Some Dogs Will Be Faster Than Others

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So when we compare the two, I see that it really doesn’t make much of a difference which kind of schedule a dog’s body responds to. The main thing that dogs differ in is the amount of time it takes to house train them. Obviously some dogs will be faster than others, but most dogs will adapt quite well.

Compared to these puppy feeding guides. A lot of the information that is provided has been cribbed from other sources on the internet and elsewhere. Information that may be useful is often copied word for word without giving proper credit where necessary. Another thing to watch for is that many of the books don’t mention the best sources for feeding dogs the healthier and more natural recipes. So it’s up to you to find the resources yourself.

A Busy Dog Owner

If you’re a busy dog owner who is fed up with the trial and error method, don’t despair. Using the information available in dog food recipes, you can make up your own dog food. You won’t have to waste time trying to fit your dog’s diet around your cooking skills.

As you can see from the above, there are benefits to both methods of feeding your dog. There is nothing to stop you using either method, as long as you are prepared to take some time researching the best choices for your puppy. Good luck puppy!

Professional Dog Groomer

When choosing which puppy feeding book to purchase, it’s always best to get the advice of a professional dog groomer. He or she will be able to assess your puppy’s nutritional needs, based on age, sex, and breed. If you’re not sure how to put together a quality puppy feed, these people will be happy to assist you. They also know that dog food is best for different breeds and how to choose the right combination of ingredients in homemade recipes.

When selecting the best puppy feeding book, keep in mind what your puppy’s dietary needs are. Some breeds of dog are at higher risk of developing allergies to commercial dog food if they are fed meat, while other dogs can digest dry food better. Think about how much exercise and play time your puppy gets each day as well. Many commercial brands require your dog to be fairly active to eat. Puppies who enjoy a lot of fresh water will have less problem with homemade food, while those who get very little exercise will require a special puppy formula for canine nutrition.


You may also find that feeding your puppy raw meat or dry food will be more suitable. A raw diet consists of natural, unprocessed products like meat, vegetables, and fruits. It’s usually less expensive and better for your puppy’s health, but some commercial dog food companies have started selling puppy feeding guides that use raw foods as well.

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