How To Cure Your Puppy Of Strangles -

How To Cure Your Puppy Of Strangles

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Strangles in puppies is a common problem that pet owners constantly encounter. So much so, that some pet owners consider it as one of the biggest challenges they have to face when it comes to taking care of their dogs. Strangles or electrical shocks usually occur because your puppy has gotten too close to the wires he/she is connected to. You might be wondering how does a puppy get electrocuted. Well, read on to discover the answer.

As you know, electric shock therapy is a fairly traditional method used by veterinarians all over the world to cure many different kinds of diseases. And this includes treating puppy strangles. In the past, dogs are treated using shock collars; today, there are electronic gadgets that can help your dog. So, what exactly does shock therapy do? Just read on to find out more about this amazing treatment.

Why Is Electric Shock Therapy Effective

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As what most dog owners know, shock collars contain three types of electrodes which are designed to deliver varying intensities. As your dog approaches to the point of being electrocuted, the electrodes are triggered which generate an electric shock that has the ability to stop the attack of that particular nerve. This in effect, terminates the attack of the animal’s nerve. The most important thing that you need to know is that the gel inside the shock collar is the one responsible for generating the electric shock; the gel is supposed to be spread evenly over the surface of the skin of your dog.

The reason why electric shock therapy is effective in treating this kind of condition in dogs is because it makes the dog cease itching due to pain. This will eventually make the puppy stop scratching which is the major cause of hair loss in puppies. In addition, it will also make the puppy stop biting and chewing on the things around him/her. By stopping these acts, you can expect that the puppy’s fur will grow back to its natural color in just a couple of days.

Make Sure The Puppy Is Suffering From The Actual Cause

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But before you can use shock collars to cure this condition in your puppy, you must first make sure that the puppy is suffering from the actual cause. This is important because there are two types of Strangles disease; acute and chronic. The former is characterized by symptoms such as redness of the eye or nose, intense itching, and bleeding as observed in the stools. And the chronic type can have varying signs such as weakness, dull coat color, frequent vomiting, and diarrhea. Thus, if your pet is suffering from the chronic kind of Strangles disease, it is best to treat it with medication before opting for the shock collar treatment.

However, since this is a kind of treatment, it is not advisable to administer this to your puppy without the veterinary’s approval. Before administering the electric shock therapy to your puppy, make sure to consult your vet first. This is important because the medication used to cure Strangles disease can only be administered for a certain period of time. And if you do not treat your puppy’s condition right away, it may not recover completely. So, it is important to seek the help of a vet immediately after noticing the symptoms of this disease.

There are different kinds of shock collars that you can use to cure this condition, but it is still important to ask for the advice of a vet first. There are also other options such as natural home remedies and other preventive measures that you can do to stop your puppy from getting affected by this. But whatever you decide on, make sure that it is approved by your vet and that you are 100% sure that your puppy is not suffering from the chronic kind of this disease.

Bottom Line

So what are you waiting for? Do not delay any longer. Click and buy your very own puppy shock collar to cure your puppy’s Strangles. This is one of the most affordable treatments for puppies that you can give him and at the same time it is also one of the most convenient and easiest to use. Just make sure to give your puppy an early treatment so that the infection can be prevented from spreading.

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