How To Do Puppy Leash Training - How To Do Puppy Leash Training -

How To Do Puppy Leash Training

puppy leash training

Leash training a puppy is extremely crucial for both the puppy and its master.

Introduce The Puppy To The Leash

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The first step of puppy leash training is to introduce your little puppy to the leash. Get a suitable leash along with a collar. You need to be patient while introducing the dog to his first-ever collar and leash. Try to distract the puppy by putting on the collar while you play with it. If your little dog throws tantrums, offer a treat, and put the collar on while he or she eats. You may need to reward the puppy for the first few weeks every time you put its collar on. It’s better to do start leash training the little dog at a place where there are no distractions.

Leash Train The Puppy Inside

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The next step of puppy leash training is to start training your little puppy. Begin by first creating a calm environment. Your puppy may get too nervous or excited upon seeing you bringing that collar near his neck. Calm the little one and then do the fastenings. The best is to make the puppy practice inside first. If you have a garden, start training it there for the first few days and then move outside the house. Make sure to carry dog treats and award your friend whenever required. Once you have tied the leash, leave it, and let the dog approach you. You can move backward when your dog is approaching you and then give a treat as soon as it gets to you.

Correct The Puppy’s Behavior

There are times during the initial puppy leash training sessions when the dog shows bad behavior. If this is the case, address bad behavior and correct it as soon as possible. Well, you don’t have to shout at your puppy or hit it. Always reinforce good behavior while staying patient and calm.

If your puppy refuses to walk, get some distance away from it and show it a treat while calling it.

If the little dog tries to pull its leash, stop walking, calm it, and again start walking. After reaching a certain distance, reward him or her. If this doesn’t work, turn away from your puppy and start walking in the opposite direction. Make sure not to exert force on the leash. Let your puppy follow you calmly. Call it excitingly while showing a treat and as soon as it gets relaxed, turn again and proceed.

Leash Train The Puppy Outside

Once your dog has done sufficient practice inside, it’s time to leash train him or her outside. Practicing outdoors can be a challenging experience for the puppy as there will be all kinds of sights, smells, and other distracting elements. You need to be gentle and patient while dealing with it outdoors. Begin by talking the puppy to short walks. If you think it is getting distracted, call it and move a few steps away. Let the puppy follow you and reward it with a treat on the way.

Continue Training Into Its Adulthood

Once your puppy grows, you need to take it for a walk multiple times every day. Try to stay in front of the adult dog to reinforce obedience. If you come across another dog on a leash, be prepared to handle your dog. If he or she stops on the way, show him a treat and keep moving forward.

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