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How To Use Puppy Treats For Training Your Puppy

puppy treats for training

Puppy training treats are essential when you have a new puppy. The old saying “you get what you pay for” really is true when it comes to training treats. Puppies just don’t want to listen to any type of command or any type of attention, so old mother Hubbard says it best. Don’t use any old mother Hubbard for your training treats. Use one that has been specially made for the needs of puppies.

Puppy training treats are usually in different flavors. Puppies are different from adults and there are some differences in their tastes as well. Try to find puppy training treats in different flavors as well as different sizes. You might be lucky enough to come across a whole tub of old mother Hubbard in your local super-center. Or, you can shop online at various sites and compare the prices and try to buy the best deals.

Just like people, puppies love to eat a variety of different flavors and textures. While puppy treats can be found in different flavors and sizes, you should avoid any “treats” that are simply powders or granules. Try for a while to make sure the puppy or training puppy you have will eat the treats you give them. Only give them dry foods that are easy to chew and that is not going to cause intestinal upset when they swallow.

Start Training Your Pup

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If you can’t find good chew toys or chewy treats, look around for something else. Try getting the puppies’ attention with a loud “No!” While they are learning, this is their “only” way to tell you that they want to do something. When dogs are young, they learn by observing. Show them that you mean business by giving different flavors of dog training treats for different training sessions. This will encourage them to want to do the same thing every time.

If you have a dog that is still a pup, but you’ve already started training them, you should try using old mother heard. The old mother hubard is considered a great dog treat by many people. It’s a very old school way of using treats. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s better than the commercial dog treats on the market, but it does have it’s place in the dog’s training arsenal.

The old mother will take a puppy from the puppy’s mother and give it some food. Then she’ll nurse it until she’s weaned it off of her milk. It’s believed that dogs are basically born into the world ready to be eaten. So, the nursing process could leave the puppy craving for her milk for sometime after nursing.

Let The Puppy Learn To Roll Over On Its Back

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Another dog training treat is to let the puppy learn to roll over onto its back. This dog training treat is often used in the puppy’s early training phases. To begin with, you can simply place your puppy in a dog house or some other kind of crate and put some puppy treats in there. Whenever the puppy wants to roll onto his back, you just grab the puppy by the scruff and say “roll over” and let the puppy roll over onto his back.

You can also make up your own combination of puppy treats for training. For example, one puppy treat can be paired with some another puppy treat. For example, one puppy treat can be paired with a bone or some other type of food. Another puppy treat can be paired with another puppy treat. This is a great way to vary what the puppy will be eating during training sessions.

Be Careful When You Use Puppy Treats For Training

Of course, you want to be careful when you are using puppy treats for training. The puppy may become bored with the consistency of the treats. Puppies get bored easily. If the puppy becomes bored, then this is a prime candidate for poor performance during training. You must keep an eye on the puppy during training. If the puppy does not seem to be paying attention, then you should probably take the puppy out right away to entertain the dog.

There are a variety of ways to use the treats for training a dog. You can easily mix different treats during training sessions. This will allow you to train the puppy in different ways and at the same time. However, if you do this you have to be very careful about your actions. You do not want to confuse your dog and end up hurting the puppy in any way.

Bottom Line

As always, you want to train your puppy properly. Puppy training is a fun process, but you do need to follow some rules in order to ensure that the puppy receives proper training. One of the most important things to remember when using puppy treats for training is to be consistent. If you change up the routine during the training, then you will confuse your dog and can make it harder for the dog to receive the training that it needs.

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