Lepto Vaccine For Saving Dogs From Leptospirosis

lepto vaccine

Humans, dogs, cats, or any other mammal can be infected by leptospirosis disease. The nature of this disease is zoonotic which means it can spread into humans from infected animals, especially dogs. It has been found mostly in dogs living in rural and suburban areas and this disease may result in death. This disease affects more in warmer and wetter climates and to prevent dogs from this, lepto vaccine is used.  

How Does Lepto Vaccine Work? 

If your dog is injected with the lepto vaccine then your dog’s immune system will start producing antibodies to fight leptospirosis disease. This vaccine contains killed leptospira bacteria because of which prevents the cause of leptospirosis in dogs. You can also go with other vaccines but they will only protect two of the common serovars while this four-way vaccine protects against infection in all four serovars. So, while vaccinating your dog you should keep in mind to give only a 4-way vaccine since it will provide the most protection against the disease.

Schedule Of Lepto Vaccine For Dogs

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Vaccination of your dog should be started very early at 8-9 weeks of age especially for lepto vaccine because puppies are at very high risk of getting inspected for leptospirosis disease. You can also give the first dose at 12 weeks of age but don’t wait for more than that. After 2-4 weeks of getting the first dose, puppies should be given their second dose, which means the booster vaccine. After that, the remaining dosage will be given annually. If you forget to vaccinate your dog at an early age then don’t worry, you can vaccinate now but every adult dog should be given each dose after a year until and unless the dog is suffering from the disease.

Side Effects

Lepto vaccine is reported to have a higher risk of side effects than any other vaccine for dogs. All injectable vaccines commonly produce mild side effects which mostly resolve in one or two days including mild swelling at the site of injection and soreness with the tiredness but if these effects are discomforting your dog after 2 days also then you should consult the doctor as soon as possible. Lepto vaccine sometimes causes more serious side effects because of an allergic reaction which is also known as a vaccine reaction. The side effects are hives, vomiting, swelling at the injection site, facing difficulty in breathing, swelling in the face, diarrhea, etc.

After vaccination

After the vaccination, you should continuously observe your dog and if any of these reactions are evident after a few hours of vaccination then immediately take the dog to the veterinarian. Before going for vaccination of your dog it is very important to tell the doctor if your dog has had any vaccine reaction before. Because before the vaccination of dogs veterinarians always administer medicine to them but if your dog has faced any reaction before then it should not be given.  


It is essential to give our dog the vaccine to keep it safe from severe health issues. However, make sure that the dog is not allergic to it as it can have severe consequences.

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