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Puppy Daily Feeding Guide For For Giving Your Pet A Proper Food

puppy daily feeding guide

If you are adopting an older puppy, it would be ideal if you could establish a puppy daily feeding schedule before bringing the puppy home. It is important to provide your puppy with the proper nutrition that he needs as he grows up. Puppy’s nutrition can be provided in three ways – from what his mother ate, what he gets through eating, and what you give him by means of puppy food. In this article, we will discuss the three sources of nutrition for puppies and give you a daily puppy feeding schedule.

Puppy Daily Feeding Guide

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Adult Dog Food Small breed dogs are known to have different requirements compared to larger breed dogs. Therefore, there is a need for a puppy daily feeding guide that varies depending on the size of the dog. Adult Dog Food For a smaller sized adult dog between 5-8kg normally it would be advisable that you feed the dog an average amount of between 120-380g of dog food per day. However, smaller dogs could still get fatty and toxic to dogs because some small breed puppies are known to have a genetic predisposition towards fatty foods like beef and pork. So, always make sure that the dog food you give them contains minimum amounts of meat and fats.

Puppy Dry Food

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Puppy Food Dry

Food is another source of nutrition for puppies. But because it’s easily digested, a dry food puppy feeding guide should not be used as a guideline for feeding a pregnant dog. A dry food puppy feeding guide would list the percentage of dry food to water in the ration. But because pregnant dogs are already having a liquid diet, the percentage should be cut down when possible. There are also some dogs which have a genetic predisposition to digest soft food, and can only digest dry food efficiently.

Puppy Food Table Care

When feeding your puppy, always remember that they need to have the same nutritional requirements of an adult dog. And they do this by following some rules. The dog food table or bowls should be cleaned every day. A puppy’s digestion system will require less moisture and it will be able to absorb the necessary vitamins and minerals better when it gets moist. So while choosing a puppy’s dog food diet, you must always ensure that it is given a regular ration so that it will get the required amount of nutrients every day.

Weight Increase

When feeding your puppy, it is recommended that you give it a regular amount of food every day that it requires. The best way to gauge the right amount of food for your puppy is to take it to the vet and let the vet judge its weight. An adult dog’s weight depends on the breed and age, but an indication of what a puppy needs in terms of food is to consider the weight of its bones and teeth at different stages of its life. The idea is to always take it to the vet for regular examinations to ensure that your puppy is getting fed the right amount of food. It is also wise to know the amount of food your puppy requires because once you get it right, you will not find it difficult to maintain its weight.

Feeding Frequency

There are different feeding schedules for different breeds and ages of puppies. Before you decide upon the schedule for feeding your puppy, you should know how much and what kind of food your puppy likes. It is best to start off with a puppy’s diet that is made of high quality commercial food from your local pet store. You should gradually introduce your puppy to cooked dry food gradually so that the puppy does not get used to the taste of the new food. Once the puppy starts to like the dry food, it will gradually get used to eating it.

Amount of Food You Should Give Your Puppy

It is recommended that you give your puppy a certain amount of dry food each day. This amount depends on the age and physical condition of your puppy. Consult a veterinarian if necessary.

Final Thoughts

If your puppy is still having some difficulties adjusting to its new feeding schedule, you can help it along by bathing it a few times a day. This will help your puppy get used to being bathed. Also you will need to monitor the food intake and exercise so that your puppy’s health remains well-balanced.

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