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Puppy Training Tips That You Have To Learn To Train Your Fur Friend

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Bringing a new dog home is always an excitement to the entire family. Even people in the family who did not want a dog who didn’t really fall in love with them and become best friends with your fur baby. It is smart to start training your puppy for simple tasks and it will also help you and obedience in the early phases. Now, if you are bringing an adult dog home, then take some time to Bond with them after which you can find out how you can give the simple training to them. In this article, we will be discussing some puppy training tips.

Establish House Rules

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Before you teach your dog anything, you should decide on the house rules. It would be better if you decide on the rules before your dog comes home. With some clarity in this area, you will be able to avoid confusion for both of you. For example, some people do not have a problem having their dog on the bed or the furniture but some have contrary opinions. So, if you would like to let your dog roam freely around the house and use the furniture, then you might want to consider teaching him not to pee or poop on furniture as a basic rule. Now, if you decide on the contrary, it can still be established in the initial stage. Establishing a house role does not necessarily mean it is applicable only for the dog. You have to create a separate space for your dog and respect that boundary and not include his private sleeping space. 

Guide Your Dog

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You might want to consider how your dog reacts to your guidance and understand the temperament of your dog and guide you through the rules. Some people think helping the dog learn discipline is as similar as teaching a human but that is just wrong. You have to be extra careful as if they are or as a matter of fact, they are babies. You have to reward your puppy whenever they follow a behavior so that they understand what they are doing is right. 

Dealing With Adult Dogs

This is just another perspective and you need to have a different approach to handling adult dogs. They are not learning from scratch. They might have seen and learned a few things already and they may or may not be in alignment with your house rules or your approach. So, you might want to first spend some time with your dog, understand how they cope, give them the space to adapt to the new life, then go ahead with your training.


It is not necessarily an easy task to train the dogs. If you are not able to understand or if you do not know how to do the task, get the help of an expert. The only ground rule here is that you have to know the limit. You cannot push them to do something and whenever you don’t feel like the training is not going well, make sure to contact an expert for assistance.

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