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Grooming Products (Amazon): Types Of Dog Hair Trimmer

Even though dogs don’t ask for anything from you, showing them a little care will make them happier. Dogs are those innocent creatures who love you unconditionally and don’t ask for much. If you take care of their health and appearance, it will mean more than enough to them. We are representing some types of dog hair trimmers and blades that will help you take care of your dog no matter what.

Grooming Products (Amazon): Types Of Dog Hair Trimmer
Grooming Products (Amazon): Types Of Dog Hair Trimmer

Types Of Dog Hair Trimmer

A hair trimmer for your dog is one of the most important pet essentials every dog owners should own. This is a very handy tool that helps you trim your puppy’s hair whenever needed. Moreover, they help you in maintaining a neat and clean appearance of your dog even though they have long hairs. Here are a few types of hair trimmers that you should know.

Rechargeable Hair Trimmers

These hair trimmers are also popular as cordless trimmers that run on battery. You can recharge them whenever needed and they also last longer. You can control them according to your comfort while trimming. However sometimes battery gets exhausted in the middle of the trimming session that is kind of annoying. You can use these trimmers anywhere and anytime as long as the battery is full.

Plug-in Hair Trimmer

These hair trimmers are popular as corded dog trimmers that need electricity to run. You need to plug in the long cord into your wall socket to run this hair trimmer on your dog’s hair. These trimmers are also available in a variation on Amazon and anyone can use it. The main perk of using this type of trimmers is that its charge does not get over in the middle of your trimming session. And the downside of this trimmer is that you cannot use it just whenever and wherever you want. Because you will always need a wall socket for that.

Types Of Blades

Trimmers need a proper blade that will work well on any type of dog hair. Here we have mentioned a few types for your knowledge.

Fine-Tooth Blades

You can also call them Finishing Blades for a reason. They are perfect and an ideal choice for cutting the hair of small fluffy dogs. However, they don’t serve well for matted hair or a thick coat. The toothed blade is not suitable for cutting through thick layers of hair.


Skip-tooth blades can easily cut through matted or layered hair and give your dog a finished cut. The blade keeps the layered intact and at the same time, your dog looks clean and a complete gentleman. You can apply these blades on your dogs before washing him.

Wide Blades

Wide Blades are wider than the regular ones and you can use them to cut the hair of larger breed dogs. They will help you cut your dog’s hair faster and effectively but there is a downside. They generally don’t fit on standard trimmers and their size indicates by the number that has a W at last.

Grooming Products (Amazon): Types Of Dog Hair Trimmer
Grooming Products (Amazon): Types Of Dog Hair Trimmer

These few Grooming Products (Amazon) are some essential tools for your dogs. There are so many things we need to tell you, keep checking our other posts.

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