Top 10 Chew Toys For Your Dog -

Top 10 Chew Toys For Your Dog

Top 6 chew Toys (Amazon) For Your Dog

Gentle chewing and nibbling is most probably the most common thing for dogs. Especially for puppies of golden retrievers and Labrador breeds. When your dog shows any of these signs- Nibbling, mouthing, and gentle chewing, it means that he simply loves you. As a puppy, he simply trying to communicate and investigate things with their mouth. But if this habit is left unchecked, then he could still carry on with this habit when fully grown. That can be kinda inappropriate and only you (the owner can change this habit). There are so ways you can apply to your dog to make him stop nibbling. For example, when he gently nibbles on your arm, simply say “ouch!”. This sudden yelp can help him understand that he isn’t doing the right thing. Later on, gradually, he himself will give up on this habit because it hurts his owner. Alternatively, you can use chew toys to prevent this behavior. Check out a list of top 6 chew toys (Amazon) that your dog will love.

Top 6 chew Toys (Amazon) For Your Dog
Top 6 chew Toys (Amazon) For Your Dog

1-Kong Wubba Friend Dog Toy

If chewing on your hand is inappropriate, then chewing on toys won’t be. This Kong Wubba Friend Dog Toy is a combo of a plush animal head, ball-shaped body. It is soft and comfortable on your dog’s mouth. He can nibble on it all day until he gets bored and throws it underneath his head to make it a pillow.

2-Outward Hound FireHose Squeak N’ Fetch Dog Toy

Heard this dog chew toy made from a real fire hose and it is not indestructible. Buy this thing to your dog and he will start chewing on it instead of nibbling on your hand.

3-Kong Classic Dog Toy

This is something to keep your dog busy and to protect your furniture. Fill some peanut butter onto it and freeze it for hours. He will take it gladly as a snack. Moreover, it is perfect to size up and your dog can easily fit this in his snout and carry on with it for the entire day.

4-Otterly Pets Rope Toys

It is very cheap but ideal for your puppy’s teeth. It containing fibers that help in cleaning and flossing their teeth when they chew on it. Chewing on something other than this does not contain any perk, but the toy does.

5-Chuckit! Ultra Ball

Every Labrador or labrador sized dog owners should buy this type of toys for their dogs. These are durable rubber balls and you can easily wash them off with water. Unlike tennis balls, you don’t have to worry about your dog eating it. So you’re safe.

6-StarMark Treat Dispensing Chew Ball

Another option for your dog to chew his heart out. It keeps him busy for hours and meanwhile, you can hide your expensive shoes and wallets.

Top 6 chew Toys (Amazon) For Your Dog
Top 6 chew Toys (Amazon) For Your Dog

All of these dog toys are available on Amazon at the lowest price rate. Which one do you think is cool/perfect? Or do you have your own preference about chew toys (Amazon)?

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