Training A German Shepherd Puppy - The Training Strategies To Know -

Training A German Shepherd Puppy – The Training Strategies To Know

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German Shepherds are a great breed of dogs known for their loyalty and courage. They are a special breed that works with police and defense to detect narcotics, bombs, or any criminal. They are beneficial to transfer messages to military forces. German Shepherds track, search and rescue things. 

Training A German Shepherd Puppy – Basic Training 

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Training a German Shepherd Puppy can be a stunning challenge. First, teach the dog basic activities such as sitting, walking, and standing to help him develop obedience. Training the German Shepherd puppy by giving tasty food and appreciation whenever he follows a command is a standard method to make him learn. After the puppy can follow basic commands, the main focus should be on controlling impulses. With determination and patience, potty training the dog to eliminate wastes at the correct time and place can be achieved.

Aggressive behaviors such as barking, chewing, digging, and chasing should be taken care of. This can be achieved by playing with the dog, making him sit before giving food, and taking it for a walk. Spending time, enjoying his company, rewarding him with food, and loving the puppy can help to improve the positive behaviors. 

Training A German Shepherd Puppy – Training Tips For 9 to 24 Months German Shepherd

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Pay attention to the puppy’s behavior and redirect bad behaviors. If the dog is feeding on incorrect items, try to grab his attention and offer a chewable thing to redirect his behavior. Do not scold or beat the small puppy as it will scare him and make him disobedient. When the German Shepherd Puppy reaches a certain maturity, work towards teaching him new behaviors such as tracking, smelling scented things, agility, herding, and searching for items. One can take the German Shepherd puppy for a walk or play with the toys if he shows obedience to the commands and shows positive behaviors. Ignoring the dog when he jumps is an intelligent way to stop him from jumping. Do not look at the puppy, do not push, or scold him for jumping, simply ignore him. Instead, command him to sit, greet him with his paws on the ground. 

Training A German Shepherd Puppy – Addition Training Tips 

By rewarding, train the German Shepherd not to pull the leash. Praise him verbally and by giving his favorite food to teach him to stop biting and nipping. Avoid hitting, kicking, or growing to discard any bad behaviors. It only develops aggression among dogs. To discipline a dog takes patience, love, and effort. 


Training a German Shepherd Puppy requires using positive and negative reinforcement techniques. It’s easy to train a puppy by praising, using the right tone, good language, and body movements. Set some rules and duration for training and follow them religiously to avoid confusing the dog. You have to be extremely patient while you are training a dog and you should make sure to set your expectations on the right level so that you do not get annoyed in the middle of the training. Some dogs can be slower in learning as compared to others but with some patience and effort, you can definitely train them. 

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