Useful Tips And Tricks For Puppy Training Guide By Age -

Useful Tips And Tricks For Puppy Training Guide By Age

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Growing a puppy is not an easy task; things you dream about, how cute and enjoying it will be to adopt a puppy is not always true. Initially, your puppy will potty everywhere, bite, and bark at people. You may face many problems feeding him, as some puppies eat a lot, so raising a puppy sometimes becomes more complicated than a human baby. However, after some weeks, your puppy should start learning a few things and his routine. You, as an owner, should train your puppy early not to become a pain in your life. Therefore you should start training your pup to have good manners and habits as early as possible. So read out our article where you will know about Useful tips and tricks for puppy training guide by age to make your dog the best dog you imagined.

Give Reward While Training; Puppy Training Guide By Age

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Dogs love to eat and play, and if they get more to eat, they can do anything for it. Reward-based training is the best method to train your dog, as you cannot scold dogs early. Give your dogs treats or toys when they listen and follow your command. For example, when you say sit down, and your dog follows your command, give the dog a treat. Therefore, your dog will be attentive whenever you say sit down, which will turn into a habit. It does not matter if you are a good trainer or not; if you try, you can train your dog and become a good puppy.

Be consistent; Puppy Training Guide By Age.

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Dogs are not like humans; they can forget things faster, so they need regular training. Therefore, you should assign one time to train your puppy every day, so your puppy will learn things faster. Most importantly, do not try to be impatient while training your dog, as dogs cannot focus much at an early age. Moreover, they are exploring the world, and they do not know much, so you have to be patient and train them every day. You cannot become angry when your dog makes a mistake; teaching them love as puppies understand the language of love.

Potty training; Puppy Training Guide By Age

While training your puppy to potty in the litter box is a tough job. In this training, you have to be more cautious as you have to understand the dog’s language, so when they show any signs of potty or loo, you have to rush them to the litter box. Training your dog to do potty in a letterbox will take some time, as they are not taught these things from the beginning. Your dog will make mistakes, but you have to scold them politely and have patience. Try to take them near the litter box after every one or two hours, so they can know where they should litter. Make sure your dog likes the place where the litter box is placed, so they do not hesitate while going there.


Apart from training, socialize your dog so they become mentally healthy. Dogs like to play, so go for evening walks to stay healthy and active all day.

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