How To Treat Night Barking -

How To Treat Night Barking

What Do You Know About Night Barking

It’s quite late at night. Probably bedtime and you have just got under the comforter and turned off your Smartphone only to find that your pup has started barking. It is not bedtime for your canine. If the whining and barking of your dog are not letting you sleep at night, you are not the only one experiencing this. It is a common wrinkle that requires proper ironing for a good relation with your pup. Getting rid of this problem will not only help you in improving your relationship with the puppy but even with your neighbors, because night barking is highly unpleasant for all those within hearing distance. Coming up with strategies for the issue is necessary, but not without knowing the causes.

What Do You Know About Night Barking
What Do You Know About Night Barking

Why Is Your Canine Barking At Night?

Pet parents make this mistake of finding out how they can stop their dogs from barking instead of first looking at why they are barking. That is understandable. Knowing the reasons why your dog keeps barking at night is essential for resolving the issue.  Canines might bark during the night for several reasons. These include:

  • They need the bathroom
  • Dementia or old age
  • Loneliness
  • Some pain
  • Illness
  • Perceived intruders or alarm
  • Separation anxiety
  • Boredom

The approach you use for solving the problem will entirely depend on the leading cause of the problem.

What Do You Know About Night Barking
What Do You Know About Night Barking

Soothing The Nighttime Barkers

Now what? You know the cause of your dog barking at night, and there will be a solution to the problem. There are times when dogs bark without any reason. In these circumstances, it is necessary for you to make the pet understand that barking will not bring you to it. Dogs that bark without any reason are generally looking for attention. It is necessary that you convince them that barking will not help them in any way. Some tips that can help you out include:

  • Here, the key is ignoring the bark and not responding. Avoid doing to the pet or calling out soothing hollers or words at them. Prevent them from coming out of their confined areas.
  • Comforting the pet even once will give them the reason to believe that they can get whatever they want by barking at night. So, it will not help them in changing their behavior. If you do not reward the dog with the attention that it is seeking, eventually it will stop barking.

Off the bat, this whole procedure is not going to be very easy. It is quite likely for you to experience extinction burst in pets. This means that the barking tendency will get worse during the night but only to stop after some days. Your dog will slowly leave the habit of barking and resort to other strategies that actually worked previously. Of course, it also means that you will not be having good sleep.

Providing dogs with diffusers and dap collars can also help in reducing night barking tendencies. Playing music or engaging in some activities before going to bed can also prove to be beneficial.

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